Giving Back

Images from moments where I am able to give back to our community through my  photography.

I'm willing to trade time for charitable causes. I love supporting organizations that help animals, fill bellies, build community, help communities build gardens, educate on sustainable living, build or find homes for those who have none or are living in a less than livable space, create jobs for the homeless and unemployed, and encourages corporate society to volunteer and give back to their local communities!

Harper Drolet 

Hugs and Horses for Harper

Eleven year old Harper Drolet was diagnosed with Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma in October of 2009 & passed away on September 30, 2011.

Kevin Adcock painted this wooden rocking horse in memory of Harper. Harper drew and sold horse pictures to support a self-proclaimed business called "many ways for neighs". The money she raised was given to  a local equine nonprofit that boards malnourished and cancer survived horses.

Kevin asked me to photograph the horse before he donated it to the family.


Fields to Families

I was able to produce this piece for Fields to Families for their donor recruiting as well as for educating the community. I was also able to conduct research and analytics for them and created a marketing piece for the same uses. Why?


Good, healthy food is a basic human right that each and every person, regardless of income level, deserves access to.

You do not have to be homeless to be hungry. Hunger is a complex and many-faceted tragedy that holds a large part of the world’s family in bondage. It is a single parent who has to choose between paying the heating bill to keep the family warm or the food they need to stay healthy. It is the elderly person who dilutes soup with water to make it last longer, wondering how to pay for the medical bills that are accumulating. It is the child who acts out in aggression at school because he or she had nothing to eat the night before.

It could be your neighbor.

According to the USDA, 27 percent of our national food supply is thrown away every year because of cosmetic damages, mislabeling, weight errors and overproduction. Twenty-six million tons of food is wasted each year in the United States. Americans throw out $75 million worth of food each year.

Fields to Families is a nonprofit, completely volunteer based organization that works to fight hunger in the local community. They have coordinated with local farms, farmers markets, and individual gardeners to rescue fresh produce, fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be wasted. This is why Fields to Families is such an important organization in the Lowcountry community. It bridges the gap between the availability of healthy food and the needy.


Biblical Family Center

I was recruited to help guide this group as they were organizing their first event, the Pink & Blue Gala. They would be having a silent and live auction, both of which I have experience in running. I was so glad to join this group and look forward to working more with them in the future. They have a great philosophy: tend to the community holistically--mind, body and soul through all stages of life. 

Goose Creek Farmers Market


150 Howe Hall Road, every Saturday 8am-2pm from April 13-December!

Thanks to Kathy and Rick Patterson for bringing the farmers market to us 4 years ago! They're so dedicated to offering the community local produce and supporting local farms that THEY drive out to pick up the produce from the farmers every week!

They get produce from the Columbia Farmers Market (during early season, as not everything is producing abundantly quite yet), strawberries from Dantzler Farm (Holly Hill), amazing peaches from Julian Plantation (Eutawville), and a lot from Joseph Fields Farm (Johns Island), which is one of the only certified organic farms in the Charleston area!

(Shout out to Joseph and Helen Fields, who helped Kathy and Rick start the Goose Creek Farmers Market! Woo!)

They are so awesome that they take special requests: bulk, organic, special produce, etc! Please contact them directly for those requests! Rick Patterson, 843-514-6376 or Kathy Patterson, 843-224-8533. They can also be reached by e-mail:

They accept cash, debit and credit cards, and accept WIC and Senior Vouchers (to be distributed in June) and are working on being able to accept SNAP cards.

More to come as the seasons move on! I love promoting locals who are pushing for local produce availability and supporting local farms! Go Kathy and Rick! 


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